Collection and Irrigation – Automation and use of alternators in the water collection system.


Essential for production in the farming industry, water usage must be optimized so as to improve the product quality and production between harvests, intensify the use of the land, and reduce the risks of investment in agricultural activity.

Seeking to maximize the efficiency of the processes and obtain the best economical return, WEG offers alternators to be coupled to the diesel generator set that supplies the collection pumps and the traction motors, as well as fertilization pumps and all electrical systems. These alternators, when coupled to diesel or gas engines (stationary), are responsible for providing the electric energy to supply all the power for the water collection system and also the pivot irrigation. WEG alternators are built following national and international standards, complying with the main application criteria and requirements.

For the irrigation system, the most recommended solution is to use soft-starters or variable speed drives. Using a WEG solution, it is possible to obtain high productivity rates and energy efficiency, bringing even more results for the farming industry.

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