Automation of the aeration system in silos/warehouses


Following the evolution and growth of grain production in Brazil, WEG developed efficient solutions for grain storage. The solutions consists of an automated aeration system in silos/storages, bringing the following advantages:

  • Reduction of power consumption up to 60%, due to the speed variation required for the ideal operating condition (taking into account the grain type and amount stored, as well as humidity and temperature)
  • Quality assurance and storage standardization
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and longer lifetime
  • Average return on the invested capital within one year
  • Once the grains reach the units and are stored in the silo, the objective of the aeration is to retain the quality of the grain by means of an efficient ventilation system.
  • Storage units with efficient ventilation system properly sized have the electric energy consumption in the aeration process reduced by 60%, keeping the temperature homogeneous across the mass.

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