Coatings that offer full protection.


Liquid Paints

Developed with high-technology raw materials, the liquid paints are recommended for industrial, maintenance, marine, automotive refinish, floor, plastic, glass and mirror painting, complying with most national and international quality and resistance standards.

Powder Paints

Developed for application by means of electrostatics painting, WEG powder paints provide smooth and textured finish that can be used in different applications. Available in polyester, epoxy and hybrid, they have state-of-the-art technology and are suitable for the requirements and needs of each customer


Good adhesion and flexibility, good physical and chemical resistance offering the advantage of great resistance to weathering and yellowing. Recommended for environments exposed to bad weather or unprotected areas.




WEG NOBAC® liquid and powder paints inhibit bacteria proliferation, in addition to offering a uniform surface with high chemical resistance and easy cleaning. Recommended for all the segments related to health, WEG NOBAC® paints are suitable for food processing areas and other environments in which hygiene is essential.


For specific market conditions where heavy metal free paints are required, WEG developed the W-Eco and W-Eco R paints. The W-Eco line complies with NBR NM 300-3:2004 Standard in the item heavy metal free and the W-Eco R complies with the RoHS Directive. Technology available in liquid and powder paints. Recommended for machinery and equipment.


The W-Zn is used as anti-corrosive primer, recommended for coating metal parts and it can even replace chemical galvanizing and zinc coating in certain situations. A phosphate conversion coating plus conventional powder paint presents resistance to salt spray of 500 hours, while the performance of the W-Zn primer is over 2000 hours.

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