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Two Superior Choices

Rolled Steel and Cast Iron General Purpose Motors with Wide Range of Configurations in stock.
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Washdown Motor

Our Hydroduty motor saves Food Processing Company over $37,000 in lost production and downtime
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At WEG we always believe it is possible to do better

That's why every day we work to make things better. All products, processes and developments are driven by the desire to increase efficiency.
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Where there is energy, there is WEG

Our solutions for the energy industry are fully integrated and meet the needs of each project
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Where there is technology, there is WEG

Our ongoing investment in research and development allows us to provide new high tech, high value solutions.
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Where there is sustainability, there is WEG.

The tripod of sustainability is something that WEG understands, respects and has sought since its foundation
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NEW W40 Motor

Compact and light solution for the customer
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MV Voltage motors in stock

WEG has Medium Voltage motors and Soft-Starts in STOCK
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The WEG Pump Genius™ variable frequency drive software is designed to reduce system operation and maintenance costs while increasing pump process accuracy and protection.
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We are WEG, driven by energy, technology, challenges and opportunities.

Solutions for Oil & Gas

Solutions for Oil & Gas

Know more about WEG's solutions for the offshore industry.


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