A national food processing company was replacing a 2hp motor on a high volume mixing machine every 3-4 weeks causing a minimum of 30 minutes downtime. This required spending over $11,500 on new motors over the course of the year and a minimum of $2,400 of of lost production each time the motor had to be replaced.

WEG and Motion Industries reviewed the application and proposed upgrading the existing motor to a WEG Hydro-Duty Motor, model 1311017114.

Over the course of a 12 month period the WEG Hydro-Duty motor did not fail, eliminating the costly down-time from lost production, saving the company in excess of $37,000. In addition, there was a reduced need for additional stock of 2hp motors and the maintenance crew had more time to focus on other more productive preventive maintenance projects.


Total Cost Savings Calculation
Down-time costs per minute$80
Minutes of down-time per change outx 30
Cost of lost production$3,386
Number of times per yearx 11
Total down-time switchout costs$37,243
Total motor savings per year* $37,225

*Total downtime switchout costs Plus old motor price minus new motor price.