When talking about producing motors, most people imagine a supply especially for the industrial area. But it is not like that. When you go to a park for entertainment for example, you also use the efficiency of the motors which allow the toys to function. That is what happens with the Beto Carrero World (BCW) park, the largest thematic park in Latin America. Practically all the equipment of the BCW has WEG motors which work in moving the equipment together with inverters and Soft Starters.

Besides the toys, the WEG products are also present in water pumps, compressors and other equipment, proving the capacity of the company to adapt to customer requirements.

According to Hugo Loth Neto, the Operations director of the Beto Carrero World, one of the most challenging projects of WEG, together with the technical team of the park, was the development and assembly of the drive center of the Big Wheel. “It has four motors, each one of 7.5 HP. Another challenge was the development of the bold and unprecedented project of the Water Empire, with six motors of 150 HP in the water pumps, a transformer of 1,000 kVA and another dry one of 1,500 kVA”, he concludes. The latest attraction of the park, the Rollercoaster Firewhip, also counts upon WEG. It has a Static AC/DC Converter of 130 kW 380 V, with a DC motor of 130 kW.

Thus, not only entertainment but safety as well is guaranteed. “One of the great advantages for our enterprise is a product of high technology which is right next door, without needing to import these components, as all our equipment is imported from Europe and we adapt the drives and the motors with the WEG products. Another one is the rendering of services. The attendance is very fast and provides the solution required for our equipment”, states Edilson Doubrawa, the Financial Administrative director of the BCW.