Harry Schmelzer Jr., CEO of the WEG Group, won for the sixth time in a row the Valuable Executive award in the category Industrial Machines and Equipment.

Organized by the Valor Econômico newspaper, the prize chooses the best executives in 24 sectors of the market. In its 14th edition, the Valuable Executive award ceremony was held on May 5th in the Rosa Rosarum Hall, in São Paulo City.

The jury’s selection criteria are based on the executives’ business management in 2013, taking into account results, identification of innovation opportunities and growth, besides the professional’s reputation on the market and his/her capacity to adapt to sectors and companies.

This is the sixth time that Harry wins the prize and the tenth time WEG earns a place in the ranking in twelve years. “WEG’s performance in 2013 was celebrated, especially considering the current economic scenario with low growth of the industrial production. This performance is the result of a joint effort, involving employees, customers and shareholders. Therefore, I share this prize with the whole team that has helped me make WEG more and more competitive”, says Harry.