A red carpet isn’t required to acknowledge exceptional people. At the Hydraulic Institute’s Annual Conference, which took place February 11th through the 15th in Tucson, AZ, there were many extraordinary professionals that were honored for their exemplary efforts in the pump industry. Among these award-winners was one stand-out industry professional. A man who was actually one of the original founding members of Pump Systems Matter.

William C. Livoti, the Power Generation Business Development Manager and Energy Efficiency Specialist for WEG Electric Corp., was awarded the Pump Systems Matter Leadership Award for exceptional educational dedication and service to pump systems optimization. “My wife took as much pride in receiving the award as I did,” chuckles Livoti. “In addition to sharing my appreciation for her continued support, I had to thank Pete Barry (President of WEG Electric Corp.). Pete is the best guy in the world to work for. I appreciate that he allows me to participate in HI as actively as I do.” Among his many roles, Livoti is a trainer for both the Hydraulic Institute and WEG; training employees, customers, and end users on a range of topics – including pumps, motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), compressors, fans, troubleshooting, failure analysis, soft starts, synchronous condensers, and most importantly, pump systems optimization.

Livoti initially started writing standards with the HI Standards Committee back in 2002, but his true passion lies in Education and Training. “Working with Mark Sullivan, the HI Director of Education and Marketing, has been beyond wonderful. He, and everyone on his team, including Andrea Kucker and Kaitlyn Reynolds, have done an outstanding job to expand education and training across the pump industry,” declares Livoti. “I’ve been in the pump industry for 47 years, and I have spent most of my career fixing screwed up systems because they were never installed correctly, or they were specified incorrectly, or in some cases they were operated incorrectly. I am very much looking forward to continuing my work with WEG, the Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter; training people to look at whole systems and not just individual components within the system. I’m getting on in years, and before I retire, I want to see industry professionals pick up this flag and charge up the hill to keep going with this effort to optimize pump systems.”

Empowering Pumps congratulates William C. Livoti on both his award and his recent appointment as a Director on the Pump System Matters Board of Directors. We also want to thank him for his efforts in designing the Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Systems Optimization training course, which was developed to train instructors on how to educate the industry on pump system optimization.