The first honor is that WEG is included in the Sustainability Guide published by EXAME, the largest Brazilian evaluation authority of corporate sustainability. The company is second in the category of capital goods, only behind the Tetra Pak packaging company.

For the eighth consecutive year, the choice of the elected companies was based on a methodology developed by the Sustainability Studies Center (GVces), the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo. The Guide was originally created in 2000 to highlight the best corporate responsibility practices in Brazil.

This year, 228 companies filled out the registration questionnaire and only 61 were awarded. The award was organized by sectors, including small and medium companies.

This evaluation considers sustainability as a systemic concept, therefore the reasoning is that the daily practices of sustainability should go beyond legal compliance and include more than the basic theme of the environment. So, The Guide also evaluates the strategy and companies practices in the areas of corporate governance, economic, financial and social areas. No other research conducted in Brazil is this comprehensive.

The second item of sustainability recognition is that WEG once again has been selected to join the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) BM & FBOVESPA. WEG is the only company represented in the machinery and equipment segment. The Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), is a groundbreaking initiative in Latin America, and is designed to create an investment environment compatible with contemporary society’s need for sustainable development and to encourage corporations to be ethically responsible.