How it Works

How it Works

Developed for WEG motors on frames 63 to 450, after easy installation, WEG Motor Scan must be configured through a smart device (App available for Android and iOS). Once paired, the sensor sends data to the cloud via Bluetooth® and enables analysis of the results on the WEG IoT Platform.

Installation is quick and simple and the entire process is guided directly into the application during sensor setup. The sensor is screwed into the motor fin and there is no electrical connection between the motor and the sensor.

The sensor measures vibration and engine temperature. The user downloads the measurement data via Bluetooth® using a smartphone or tablet. The data is sent and stored in the cloud and can be analyzed in more depth on the WEG IoT Platform.




  • Start up of the sensor (including step by step orientation for installation on the motor)
  • Capture of data by Bluetooth® (stored in the cloud)
  • Failure detection
  • FAQ, support

WEG IoT Platform

WEG IoT Platform

  • Full view of stored data
  • Failure Diagnosis
  • Warnings configuration
  • Configuration of plants to easier management
  • User options
  • FAQ, support


After sensor configuration, the measured data, captured by Bluetooth®, are transmitted through wi-fi by the WEG Motor Scan to a safe server, in cloud, where they are analysed and transformed in rapports that can be accessed from anywhere, in any smart device or desktop.

Among the benefits of using the cloud are: security, reliability, cost reduction, increased speed, data recovery, business continuity and ease access to data, as it replaces manual data collection of equipment, which in some applications can be located in difficult access facilities.


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