Energy Efficiency

Pumping System

Lower maintenance and energy consumption


Used in different segments, it may present savings of up to 70% in energy consumption with WEG energy efficiency solution, which consists of the high-efficiency sets:

  • Electric motor W22 IE3 Premium or W22 IE4 Super Premium, and CFW11 or CFW700 variable speed drive
  • Electric motor W22 Magnet IE4 Super Premium or W22 Magnet IE5 Ultra Premium, and CFW11 variable speed drive

It is also possible to reduce water consumption and cut down costs with maintenance and operation of control valves, in addition to a better system flow control.


  • Energy savings of up to 70% keeping the system flow.
  • Water savings.
  • Lower costs to operate and maintain control valves.
  • Uniformity and precise control of the system flow.

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