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Many industrial processes generate particles or gases which jeopardize the quality of the environment, product and even the workers' safety. The bag filter is designed to solve this common problem in the industry. Intake devices draw the air, which is taken to the filtering system where the particles are retained in the filtering elements, and the air is then returned to the atmosphere in compliance with the environmental legislation.

WEG solution consists of a high-efficiency set: W22 Magnet IR4 Super Premium motor and CFW11 variable speed drive, which reduce electric energy consumption in up to 60%. Such reduction is only possible because of the high efficiency of the W22 Magnet IR4 Super Premium motor combined with the control provided by the CFW11, which adjusts the speed according to the application requirements.

The motors with permanent magnets of the W22 Magnet IR4 Super Premium line enable this reduction to very low values due to their broad speed range, which makes the use of forced ventilation unnecessary.


  • Electric energy savings of up to 60%.
  • Easy implantation with few impacts on the production system.
  • Extendable to other exhaust systems.
  • Reduction of compressed air consumption.
  • Longer life of filtering elements.
  • Reduced wear of the pipes.


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