Motor with low maintenance and fast payback.

After the motor starts, the system short circuits the rotor phases and lifts the brushes, avoiding permanent contact with the slip rings as is the case with conventional motors. The motor then operates like a low maintenance squirrel cage motor in continuous duty, eliminating the need for frequent monitoring and replacement of the brushes. The key to this innovative system is an electromechanical actuator with control switches that can be set to precisely lift and lower the brushes when needed.

The mining industry will find this product a very cost effective solution with fast payback due to the prevention of stoppages and maintenance caused by worn brushes and slip rings.

Success Proven at Kinross Mining

This product has successfully been driving ball mills at Kinross Mining, one of the world’s largest gold producers in the world. WEG up fitted seven of another manufacturers motors with the motorized/ manual brush lifting system, with an eighth to be on line shortly. The WEG system can be easily installed in WEG motors with no internal changes but also, as was the case at Kinross, other manufacturer’s motors can be modified.

Mauricio Agostinho Freitas, Supervisor of Electric and Electronic Maintenance of Kinross stated “The replacement ensured us greater operating availability of the ball mills, considerably reducing the number of stoppages and failures. Technically we have observed a much more robust system than the previous with the addition of several control and alarm devices thus enabling integration with our PLC’s”. On the subject of payback Freitas states, “We reduced the maintenance costs of slip rings and increased operating availably ensuring high feeding rates and increased production, due to the reduced maintenance. We estimate a payback of five months per machine”, he concludes.

More information on this product can be found at or from your local WEG distributor.

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