The project, which involves the sectioning of the 345 kV Transmission Line Várzea de Palma 1 and Pirapora 2, aims to supply power to the Hélio Valgas photovoltaic plants (units 01 to 10), comprising the Hélio Valgas solar complex. Located in Várzea da Palma, state of Minas Gerais, the Hélio Valgas UFV is the fifth-largest solar plant in Brazil, with 662 MWp. For the realization of this project, Comerc Energia, a platform for energy and decarbonization solutions, selected WEG to supply all electrical equipment composing the Várzea de Palma 4 Collector and Switching Substation.

Within this scope, electrical equipment for the substation yard is included, such as circuit breakers, disconnect switches, surge arresters, current transformers, potential transformers, two distribution transformers with 150 kVA 34.5 kV/380 V, and two power transformers, each with 300,000 kVA 345/34.5 kV, electrical design, all panels of the complete protection and control system (SPCS), telecommunications, and in addition to the products, the service of assembly supervision for all equipment and commissioning of the substation was carried out.

To deliver the power transformers to the substation, feasibility studies were required to assess the possibility of transporting them across the bridge over the Rio das Velhas due to the weight of the equipment (approximately 170 tons each), in addition to underwater inspection to check the bridge bases submerged in the river. WEG's technical team chose to deliver these products through an alternative route, bypassing the bridge, requiring an extension of the route by 60 km of dirt road. Among the adaptations, we can also mention road widening, temporary disconnection of power cables, and reinforcement with steel plates on nine bridges.

All this work reinforces WEG's end-to-end expertise, where the substation area focused on the efficiency and reliability of the supplied equipment, as well as the executed service, from the moment the material left the factory until its operation at the customer's site, in addition to caring for the local community near the works. For this, WEG has a dedicated team in the areas of engineering, studies, projects, execution, and logistics, ensuring safety and reliability throughout the process and delivering a complete solution.