WEG was awarded to supply a package of 24 medium voltage electric motors to the Pumping station of SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation), which is a Government Company that operates desalination plants and power plants in Saudi Arabia. 

As stated by Elder Stringari, WEG International Director, this contract proves that the Company is qualified to serve the Water and Waste Water market at global level. "We are adding to our portfolio one of the main water desalination projects in the world, which shows not only our technological innovation, but also our expertise to offer the customer a global structure, with assured exclusive support service", says Elder.

The WEG electric motors, MGW and W60 lines, will be installed in various pumping stations located in the industrial city of Yanbu, on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. As far as application is concerned, these electric motors will drive water pumps to allow transportation of drinking water to the city of Madina, a region with a high population growth and consequently an increasing demand for drinking water.

The supply from WEG is part of the third and the fourth phase of the YMWTS project - Yanbu to Madina Water Transmission System, which is a water transmission system created in the 1980s to bring to Madina the water from the first desalination plant built in Yanbu in 1981. Expansions and updates of this system were implemented as new desalination plants were built. The Phases 3 and 4 of the project aims at increasing the water supply capacity for Medina and the region, as three new plants will start operating in a four-year time period such as Yanbu 3 (2020), Yanbu RO2 (2021) and Yanbu 4 (2023), which will request an additional capacity of 1,250,000 cubic meters of drinking water per day from the transmission system.