The WEG Electric Machinery Sync-Rite Plus™ System integrates synchronization and rotor telemetry to provide needed information to keep motors up and running. This new device provides the necessary information to reduce down time by eliminating the time consuming trial and error method. The Sync-Rite Plus System eliminates this slow and costly process by providing you with the telemetry data required to immediately identify the issue. When a motor will not synchronize or has a component failure The WEG EM System points the technician to the probable causes so that problems can be solved quickly and motors can return to operation.

Unlike other telemetry options, The Sync-Rite Plus System does not require the installation of a separate telemetry system. This unit integrates the telemetry system into the synchronization controller giving you high reliability and easy installation. Also, it provides the ability to correlate the controller’s actions with actual measurements and a cost saving from purchasing only one unit.

The System logs all data insuring that valuable telemetry information is saved. Wireless capability allows access to data without shutting down the machine so no slip rings, external antennas or receivers are needed close to the rotating transmitter. Data can be monitored and downloaded online with the Sync-Graph Software in addition you can also download this data to a computer with the Sync-Fetch Software. By adding WEG EM’s wireless repeaters, the panel can be located in a remote location, in a control room or out of hazardous areas.

Standard packages available are the Online Monitoring Package that includes all the components to take full advantage of all the systems benefits; The Handheld Preventive Maintenance Package, a device for periodic maintenance checks and for troubleshooting motor problems; and the Extended Online Package, equipped with wireless repeaters to enable the display panes to be located remotely.

All components of the Sync-Rite Plus System are standard and carried in stock by Electric Machinery Company.

For additional information go to or and download the Sync-Rite Plus System Brochure.

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