In August, the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff and the governor of the state of Ceará, Ciro Gomes, inaugurated the first phase of the Multiple Use Terminal of the Port of Pecém - TMUT, and also a tubular conveyor belt. Strategically located in northeast Brazil, the Port of Pecém offers shorter shipping transit time between Brazil and the United States or Europe. The investments in project implementation amount to more than half a billion Reais (over three hundred million dollars) and are increasing the generation of jobs in the region and boosting local economy.

WEG technology is present in the venture in partnership with Normatel/Tecnometal who is responsible for the tubular conveyor belt projects. WEG provided the high efficiency motors, frequency drives, dry transformers and the control system and automation of the conveyor belts.

The part which was inaugurated is six kilometers long and capable of carrying up to 2,400 tons/hour of mineral, the equivalent of 200 truckloads of 12 tons each. At this stage the aim is to take the iron ore from the dock to the harbor quickly and without affecting the environment. Another part of the conveyor belt of the same length has already been implemented in a partnership between WEG and TMSA.