Mining is an activity that requires extensive studies and research. In addition to locating the area where the minerals are, determine
its extent and type of material, how the extraction will be made is also a critical issue. Here is where WEG solutions for the mining industry come in place.

Intended to implement the Minera Esperanza mining company (subsidiary of the Antofagasta Minerals Group) in Chile, the Esperanza Project is a great example. WEG has supplied four motors to the plant (three of them already in operation and one standby) and three integrated ELETELE rheostats which began to operate in May 2010.

The three motors drive simultaneously an eight kilometer long conveyor belt taking the mineral from the mine to the processing and transformation areas. Since they are interconnected, the rheostats ensure identical resistance values ​​for simultaneous motor starting and avoid the sudden torque differences among them. In addition, these rheostats control four different operation stages of the conveyor belt and are suitable to drive it with only two motors in case of a failure. All motors were also designed to operate under this condition.

Taking part of this project represents a great opportunity for WEG since we could offer our mining solutions and contribute to put
the Minera Esperanza mining company into operation.