This month, WEG was the rendezvous for over 30 professionals from Petrobras. The group of Executives and Specialists from several Petrobras’ Divisions, selected WEG’s Global Headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, to hold their monthly Pre-Salt project meeting.

The group holds monthly meetings at strategic places for the project. The purpose is to make the best of the occasion to also get to know the shipyards, entities and strategic suppliers personally.

“One aspect is to believe in what we hear and what we read and the other is to see these companies with our own eyes. Today, we were given the opportunity to experience the reality of WEG and that it is, undoubtedly, an amazing company with state-of-the-art facilities. We already believed in the company’s potential but now it is clear that WEG is quite prepared for the challenges of the Pre-Salt”, says José Figueiredo, Executive Manager for Exploration and Production for the South-Southeast region.

At the meeting, besides discussing the progress of the Pre-Salt Projects, the group had the opportunity to meet with the team of WEG Executives and Specialists for the Oil & Gas market and also visit WEG’s Energy, Motors and Automation plants.

“WEG is one of our main genuinely Brazilian suppliers. We use their line of products and until now some of us did not have the opportunity to visit the manufacturing plants of the company. This interaction has exceeded our expectations. Brazil is just as proud of WEG as it is of Petrobras”, points out Erardo Gomes Barbosa Filho, Executive Service Manager for Exploration and Production.

In its history of partnership with Petrobras, WEG has already supplied the company with generators, motors for several applications, automation systems and over 400 tons of paints for platforms P-51, 52, 53, 54, 56 and 57. These supplies demonstrate the experience and capacity to support the Oil & Gas industry with specific products and solutions for each and every application in the segment.

“The Pre-Salt projects require a high percentage of Brazilian manufactured contents and the WEG breath of products will take part of this first phase, which targets 1 million barrels/day of oil in 2017. To know the products, manufacturing processes and the technical assistance of WEG increases Petrobras' perception of quality of the equipment. I have no doubt that both companies gain from this interaction” completes José Formigli, Executive Manager for Exploration and Production for the Pre-Salt.