WEG announces investments of R$100 million in a new industrial liquid paints factory in Mexico.

The construction of the new unit will expand WEG Coatings' current production capacity and aims to serve the North and Central American market. The new factory will have approximately 5,300m² (57,000 ft²) of built area and is expected to start operation in early 2026.

“These investments should accelerate the internationalization process of WEG's industrial coatings business, ensuring strategic positioning to meet the growing demand for more efficient and sustainable solutions in Mexico and Central America”, explains Rafael Torezan, Managing Director of WEG Coatings Business Unit.

The investments will be made in Atotonilco de Tula, where the company already produces powder coatings for the industrial and infrastructure segments. In addition to this unit, WEG also produces industrial paints and varnishes in Guaramirim and Mauá, in Brazil, and Buenos Aires, in Argentina.