WEG is the newest member of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), a program developed for large organizations interested in long-term strategic technological relationships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

Seeking to develop new technologies and strengthen existing businesses, the new partnership allows WEG employees exclusive access to content produced by MIT professors and specialists in webinar, lecture, article, and research formats. The training program also includes consultation with institute professionals on specific projects developed in the company.

The program also includes face-to-face meetings with MIT professors and free and unlimited access to conferences, which are held several times a year in various countries. The proximity to startups is also a benefit for the company, with the differential of being able to exchange experiences with more than 1,000 startups exclusive to the program.

Executives interested in learning about the latest thoughts and views on emerging technologies can personally visit MIT's US headquarters. Currently, the structure has more than a thousand licensed professors distributed among the schools of: Engineering, Sciences, Architecture and Planning, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Sloan School of Administration.

“For WEG it is an excellent opportunity to search for new technologies and validate our strategies in one of the largest innovation centers in the world. We need to anticipate market trends, bringing more innovation to our solutions,” explains Rodrigo Fumo, Global Director of Engineering and Technological Innovation.

In 2022, the company invested R$ 646.9 million in Research and Development, which represents 2.2% of net operating income. The products launched in the last five years represented 59.3% of the company's revenues in 2022, reinforcing the development of technological solutions that meet the latest market trends.