In addition to developing monitoring devices for machines as well as software and applications intended for industry 4.0, the Open Innovation Center is ideal for WEG technical experts establish relationship with startups. In 2019, one of the focus of this team is to improve and develop new features for electric machines monitoring system, the so called WEG Motor Scan, and the IoT WEG Portal.

"Being physically at the Innovation Center is quite helpful for us. It allows WEG to build mutual cooperation with other R&D companies installed at NOVALE HUB Innovation Center, other than enabling the company to be more connected with startups and independent institutions such as universities and research entities that are linked to innovation initiatives”, says Sebastião Nau, WEG Research and Technological Innovation Manager.

He also said that the company understands how important is to be closer to institutions and experts that are continually interested to develop new technologies and be engaged with innovation. "We realized the need to accelerate our initiatives connected with open innovation, developing technologies with our outside partners, specially startups in order to offer to the market what is really new and updated”, explains Sebastião.