WEG announces the beginning of a new phase in promoting open innovation as a strategy for its business. Regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the country, WEG has just launched its first challenge to find out partners with solutions that promote the replacement or reduction of wood for electric motor packaging, with or without using forest residues.

The objective is to identify innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the main international environmental standards and best practices, such as RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances). Created by the European Union, the Directive guarantees the compliance of electronic product manufacturing companies with best environmental and health practices, which is one of WEG's main focuses in its operations.

Interested organizations such as Startups, Universities, Research Institutes, Embrapii Units, Senai Innovation Institutes, among others can subscribe until August 29th through the website https://www.weg.net/institutional/BR/pt/open-innovation. After this date, WEG will choose the best presented solutions, which will be then evaluated by an internal committee.

With more than 40 manufacturing sites installed in 12 countries, WEG also offers the opportunity to implement such solutions for different plants. “The open innovation initiative has been growing and our mission is to turn this imagination into real results for WEG. We intend to allow Brazilian startups and institutions to have access to our current challenges”, says Rodrigo Fumo Fernandes, WEG Engineering and Technological Innovation Director.

Among the package of advantages offered by WEG to its open innovation partners, we highlight access to laboratories and manufacturing facilities for prototypes manufacture, tests performance and trial tests with the provided solutions, always supported by a qualified technical team. In addition, WEG counts on an Open Innovation Center, located in the municipality of Jaraguá do Sul, state of Santa Catarina.

The focus on innovation, at medium and long-term, offers us the necessary strength to always think about the future. We are aware that the market has been looking for companies that are focused on continuous process improvement, bringing productivity and efficiency gains, non-stop development of solutions to meet major trends focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, electric mobility and Industry 4.0. So, we invite partners to join us in this challenge”, explains Mr. Fernandes.

Innovation is in WEG's DNA

Innovation and sustainability are integrated parts of the company's mission. WEG´s continuous and sustainable growth is supported by products and processes, providing results for a more competitive organization.

In addition to following the main market trends, WEG does its best efforts to anticipate opportunities: Internally the company optimizes resources, cuts costs, reduces expenses and seeks lower environmental impact on its operations. Externally, it offers the market proper solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, electric mobility, digital solutions; generation of energy through burning of biomass and waste and maintaining ethical and transparent relationship with our stakeholders.

Investing around 2.5% of its revenues in research and development, the company has maintained its technological innovation rate, above 50% in recent years, that is, half of the company's revenues is the result of sales of products launched in the last five years. Continually innovating in all areas and annually incorporating new products and new businesses in its portfolio, WEG grows, develops and offers the market great opportunities, with high environmental, economic and social value.