From 24 to 28 of April, WEG will be at FEIMEC - International Machinery and Equipment Fair, considered the official fair of the sector in Brazil.

Among the 4.0 industry solutions to be presented, such as the WEG Motor Scan and the SSW900 smart soft starter, will be the Augmented Reality project developed by Dr. Simone Keller Füchter, an information technology researcher and consultant.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows visualization of virtual elements, made in the computer, along with the real environment that is around. The experience of this project happens with the use of a smart device, such as tablets and smartphones. 

The product chosen by WEG to present in RA at FEIMEC was the electric traction motor BUS900, with application in electric or hybrid buses, used mainly in public passenger transport. 

With access through the WEG RA (application available for Android), it is possible to know: 

  1. the motor exploded; 
  2. the motor cooling system; 
  3. the comparison of power density/torque of the traction motor with respect to a normal induction motor; 
  4. the noise difference of the electric traction motor to that of a combustion motor; 
  5. the electric motor inside a bus.

For WEG, to realize a project that brings together science and technology represents great possibilities in technological innovation that can change the future in many aspects.

FEIMEC will take place from April 24 to 28 at São Paulo Expo, São Paulo/SP, Brazil.

Visit WEG at the E-215 booth and learn more about our solutions.