Picture: Milton Castella receiving the Award from Valor Econômico newspaper representatives.

WEG was one of the winners of the "Innovation Brazil Award", which was presented by Valor Econômico to the most innovative companies in the country. Among the 150 companies listed in the ranking, which was conducted in partnership with the consulting firm Strategy&, from the PwC group, WEG ranked second in the capital goods segment and ranked sixth among the top 10 in the whole ranking.

The initiative aims to evaluate, consistently and systematically, the innovation practices of companies operating in Brazil in different economic activities.

The ranking is prepared based on four major drivers within the innovation focus: strategy for innovation, initiatives to implement innovation, results achieved, and company evaluation by the market. The objective is to analyze how each of these drivers are built in the companies doing business in Brazil and how this is reflected in the innovation practices of each participant. Based on a methodology, specially developed for the country business way and on qualitative and quantitative indicators, the survey points out the companies that adopt the best practices and innovation policies, their investments in the local market, and the results achieved.

In addition to implementing several actions for the development of new technologies, new products, processes, materials and tests, we are also focused on the development of solutions for the industry 4.0. Connected with the needs of the market we have built an ever bigger, better and more competitive company”, says Milton Castella, WEG Engineering Director.

The ceremony of the “Brazil Innovation Award” was held on July 4, 2018 in São Paulo.