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Medium Voltage Soft-Starter - SSW7000 Series

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The soft-starters SSW7000 operates on the acceleration/deceleration and on the protection of medium voltage three-phase induction motors. This Soft-Starter is available on 2,3 kV up to 13,8 kV voltage range, attending applications that requires 300 HP up to 16300 HP power range.

Developed to ensure excellent performance, the SSW7000 application minimize the current surges on the motor starting, prevents mechanical shocks on the load and on the motor, eliminate the water hammer during the pump stopping, and protects the electrical motor. Consequently it helps on the money saving, reducing significatly the expenses of maintenance of bearings, couplings, gear boxes, pulleys, belts and chains, electrical circuits, an so on.

Hence the SSW7000 is the complete prepackaged and engineered solution within security and reliability for several applications and for diversificated industrial segments.