WEG participated in the modernization project of a Peruvian oil refinery, supplying two x 62MVA ST41 generators that will be powered by steam turbines, in addition to 2 x 3.125MVA 4.16 / 0.48kV transformers to be used in the desalination process of the said refinery. These transformers were manufactured with a special painting system for this application, resistant to corrosion at the coastal environment.

The ST41 line is a suitable solution for 4-pole WEG turbogenerators, incorporating new technologies with the application of state-of-the-art CAD tools, which has resulted in an innovative concept of the cooling system, optimizing airflow and reducing losses, allowing better power by mass ratio. This generator was developed using virtual prototyping and validated through tests allowing a good balance between mass reduction and structural strength.

Additionally, WEG will also supply medium voltage induction motors from the W50 and W60 lines with powers ranging between 400kW and 3MW, driven by WEG MVW3000 frequency inverters. These machines will drive compressors, blowers and exhaust fans for the auxiliary units and support services in the refinery. The supply of the complete package and the possibility of carrying out integrated performance tests were key factors for the customer to select WEG.

The MVW3000 incorporates multilevel technology of voltage source inverters with Cascaded H-bridge (CHB) topology, and has very low levels of harmonic content. Another differential is the use of plastic film capacitors, which guarantees a long lasting operation lifetime for the equipment. In addition, this frequency inverter has built-in automatic cell bypass, which allows continuous operation, even in the case of an unexpected failure event, possibility of input column with disconnect and multi-pulse phase shifting transformer incorporated, being a fully integrated solution, that is, all parts of the medium voltage system are on a single panel. MVW3000 also allows the use of the same solution, components and accessories, for different voltages.

With this modernization project, the refinery intends to increase its production capacity by 30%, in addition to reducing the sulfur content of diesel fuels, gasoline and LPG to a maximum of 50 ppm and increasing the profitability and competitiveness of the refinery by increasing the crude oil processing capacity from 65,000 to 95,000 barrels per day, processing heavy crude oil and converting waste products from processing units into marketable products.