The project will provide operational continuity to the useful life of the mining plant for the next 40 years or more, through open-pit exploitation of the remaining resources of the main deposit underground.

The scope of supply consists of replacing 14 synchronous motors used at the concentrator plant mills, of which five are 800 HP motors, 14-ton frame size 1120 and 9 are 1250 HP motors, 21-ton frame size 1400.

Due to space restrictions, the company has chosen WEG synchronous motors to comply not only with the complex electrical project, but mainly to meet the demand for interchangeability with the same dimensions of the old motors in order to adapt to the site without making major modifications in the structure of the plant, whilst also adding important improvements for the maintenance and protection of the site.

WEG is a reference for large and synchronous motors for mill drives. By choosing the company's products, the customer can be assured of an efficient and reliable replacement, demonstrating flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project.