WEG has a broad portfolio of solutions for the Sugar and Ethanol industry, combining the experience of a market leader with the technology of an innovative company. The products are developed with a modern concept and a high standard of performance, providing sugar-alcohol applications with low maintenance, high reliability and flexibility, resulting in greater efficiency and operational safety.

That is why an important company in the segment, with the capacity to process around 11 million tons of sugarcane per harvest, chose WEG to supply equipment for expanding the crushing capacity of one of its plants. The motors of the W60 line, frame 710, 4,500 HP, 13,800 V, supplied will trigger the process of preparing the cane, chopper and shredder and are interchangeable with each other and with other existing equipment, which allows for easy installation. As they are the same machines for different applications, the customer has the possibility, in an eventuality, to remove one of the motors from the original position and apply it in another position, ensuring greater safety and operational availability. In addition to the motors, WEG also supplied a 55,000 kVA, 138 kV transformer and rectifiers.

The use of electric motorization in the plant's production processes promotes steam savings, which when applied to the turbine generates energy, feeding the motors and making the surplus available for sale.

With the largest network of technical assistance and authorized resellers in all over Brazil, WEG maintains complete customer support, from the moment of purchase to after-sales, enabling lower operating costs, reduced downtime and the use of the harvest in a sustainable way.