With recognized technology and quality in large-size drives, WEG develops solutions for projects such as planetary and parallel shaft gearboxes for application in several industrial processes. For Batatais Sugar Cane Plant, located in the state of São Paulo - Brazil, WEG supplied eight planetary sets, driven by steam turbines, specifically developed with technical details to make the solution even more robust and efficient, producing a complete and unique solution for the sugar-energy sector.

The reliability of WEG solutions, demonstrated through four drive sets (turbine + parallel gearbox + planetary gearbox) in operation since last year, led the customer to purchase four new sets composed of G3 Full planetary gearboxes, TMFlex turbines, and RTS parallel gearboxes, contributing to the complete modernization of its two Sugar Mill Tandems.

Previously, the sugar mills operated with conventional drives (open gears), which were replaced with WEG's modern solutions, increasing their operational availability and efficiency, reducing maintenance and consumption costs, and allowing for interchangeability in future applications.

The fact that the equipment delivered by WEG has a longer maintenance warranty period ensures the execution of the harvest plan, with reduced costs and labor in the off-season maintenance,” says the industrial manager of Batatais Sugar Cane Plant.

Another advantage of this application is that it was designed to drive the sugar mills at a maximum speed of 14 revolutions per minute (rpm), making the mill the only sugar & ethanol company in Brazil that operates under such condition.

The major challenge of this project was to find a solution that would meet the speed operating conditions, as well as the manufacturing and assembly deadlines. The partnership with WEG TGM guaranteed an excellent experience, great synergy with all the company's processes and hierarchies, a special after-sales team and very competent service,” comments the person responsible for implementing the project at Usina Batatais.

Batatais Sugar Cane Plant stands out for seeking sustainable initiatives in the sugar & ethanol market, which explains the choice for the partnership with WEG, since it is with this mindful view that the company is dedicated to creating solutions that contribute to the growth of industries in a more sustainable way.