WEG, attentive to the growing global demand for low-carbon hydrogen, is consolidating its position in the market and boosting its revenue with innovative solutions. As a traditional supplier of equipment widely used in air separation processes and hydrogen production, such as electric motors, frequency inverters, automation systems, transformers, paints, and digital solutions, and with a global structure and expertise in solar, wind energy, and energy storage, the company has stood out in some of the world's largest hydrogen projects.

Recently, the company supplied three large synchronous motors for the world's largest liquefied hydrogen production plant, owned by a leading energy and chemical group in South Korea. Initially scheduled to produce 30,000 tons of blue hydrogen, the plant can achieve an annual production of 250,000 tons of clean hydrogen by 2025.

Moreover, in the United States, WEG is involved in a significant project aiming for the production of 90 tons of liquid hydrogen per day, intended for commercial vehicles and heavy transport powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In this project, the company will provide two large synchronous motors and four induction motors.

In Brazil, WEG played a crucial role by supplying the Complete Utility Scale Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System for the green hydrogen generation study plant of Furnas, located at the Itumbiara’s Hydroelectric Plant, state of Minas Gerais. This BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) with an installed power of 300 kW and a capacity of 600 kWh is part of a Research and Development (R&D) project regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) that aims to test the storage of seasonal and intermittent energies, as well as their integration into the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Also in Brazil, the company provided a complete rectification system, including electrical panels with AC/DC converters, low-voltage auxiliary electrical panels, power factor correction devices, and transformers for a green hydrogen production plant in the state of Ceará, with a production capacity of 22.3 kg of hydrogen per hour.

Projects like these, focused on the supply of low-carbon hydrogen, are also being carried out with WEG solutions in Canada, France, and Sweden, and have generated approximately US$15 million in revenue for the company in 2023.

Elder Stringari, WEG's International Director, emphasizes: "WEG is not only at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector but also plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting the transition to a cleaner and responsible energy matrix. We are committed to addressing high-complexity projects with efficiency, flexibility, and a global structure that meets the most demanding requirements of this market."