The National Center of Physical and Technological Sciences (NCPTS) was inaugurated in Vilnius, Lithuania

In order to ensure the quality of science researches and experiments to their maximum, as well as to guarantee employees safety, a WEG product have been used – WEG variable frequency drives have been installed in laboratories for fume hood automatization.

In the complex area of 25,000 square meters, which has 250 laboratory facilities, 150 units of WEG VFDs were installed into fume hoods in 121 rooms.

Taking into consideration the research area and the needs of every laboratory, three different models of WEG frequency drives have been installed: CFW501, CFW701, and CFW11. Supplied expansion modules provide more versatility and opportunities for the equipment. That is why different models have been chosen for the automatization of every fume hood with their individual solution.

The supply was made through the representatives of WEG in Lithuania – W.B.I.S. who selected the appropriate VFDs, taking the best of their features for the application.

The W.B.I.S. implemented one of the most important tasks of the project; nine high-cleaning rooms have been built according to ISO 5, ISO 6, and ISO 7 class laboratories requirements. In addition, immediately support from the distributor, representative, and the factory in Brazil, were given during the startup requirements.