WEG has recently established the largest and most complete range of soft starter products in its United States inventory. WEG now has available soft starters ranging from 3 HP to 4,500 HP; more than any other supplier in the industry.

The line begins with the super compact SSW05, a fully digital soft starter with a state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control. Simplicity in set-up and operation is assured since all parameters and set-up selections are made using dip switches and potentiometers. The SSW05 comes standard with integral bypass contactor and is sized for light and medium duty applications. The WEG SSW05 is available in the 3 to 75HP motor range.

The WEG SSW07, also with DSP control was designed to provide improved heavy duty performance on motor starts and stops with an excellent cost-benefit basis. Easy to set up, it simplifies start-up and daily operations. It is also compact and incorporates all electric motor protection and adapts to customer needs through its easy to install accessories. The SSW07 series of soft starters has built in bypass contactors and can be connected to “Fieldbus” communication networks such as Modbus RTU protocol. It is available from 5 to 400 HP.

WEG’s SSW06 is a third generation design and has the widest motor power range of 3 to 1200 HP. The keypad with dual display has LED digits which provide improved visibility and make programming easier. Various field bus protocols are available along with numerous analog and digital I/O for maximum automation functions. Standard internal bypass contacts eliminate heat losses once the motor is at full operating voltage. The SSW06 is extremely compact and can be simply integrated into a non-ventilated enclosure. The SSW06 is ideal for replacement of electro-mechanical starters in Motor Control Centers. This product was an IF Design Award Winner.

The GPH2 is a combination soft starter incorporating SSW07 soft starter, a circuit breaker with through the door handle and a NEMA 4/12 enclosure suitable for general purpose AC motor starter packages. It is designed for a simple and quick installation and start-up requiring only input power and output motor connections to operate. It is available in the motor range of 5 to 350 HP.

Another combination unit is the WEG TPH2 Series Crusher Duty® soft starter which is designed for the most demanding AC motor starting applications requiring extreme torque. It is housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure, making the TPH2 ideal for the harshest outdoor environments, even wash down locations. This series in available in the 100 to 500 HP motor range.

The largest unit in WEG’s line is the Medium Voltage Soft-Starter, SSW7000. It features FTC®, Flexible Torque Control, a unique WEG developed technology using vector and direct torque control concepts based on VFD technologies. FTC is used to select the desired torque control according to the type of load applied to the motor providing a smooth start with a linear speed ramp during the entire starting process. All accessories can be quickly installed through WEG’s “plug and play” concept. It also comes with a simple “cell phone like” keypad with the option of sequential or grouped access to control parameters by means of programmable keys on the display. This HMI keypad is removable and has upload and download capabilities. This series has a HP range of 750 to 4,500.

Please contact your authorized WEG distributor or go to weg.net for further information or additional specifications.