After supplying more than 120 thousand liters (26,396 gallons) of paint to the Mexilhão Platform at the Santos Basin, where the oil company discovered the largest Brazilian non associated natural gas reserve, three Generators will equip the Caraguatatuba Gas treatment unit (UTGCA), responsible for treating the gas derived from the Mexilhão extraction platform.

All the generators with a voltage of 13.8kV and power rating of 37.5 MVA were already sent to the USA, where they will be assembled on a unique metallic base (skid) that will hold Turbine / Gearbox / Generator of each generating unit. After the assembly, they will be tested at the turbine manufacturer’s plant, in conditions of normal usage in the so called “String Test”, and transported back to Brazil, where they will be installed and tested at the Petrobrás plant.

“These will be UTGCA’s main generators. The generator units will operate on a “2+1” system. In other words, two units operating and one on stand-by. Besides that, these generators will operate continuously pressurized in such a way to guarantee that no gases derived from the environment where the generators are located, get through to the internal parts, preventing from occurring an eventual ignition, says Fabio Vinicius Dematte from WEG Energy Business Center.

UTGCA will be capable of handling 15 million cubic meters per day, and will be supplied with gas by Mexilhão, Merluza 2, Tambaú and Uruguá, all recent gas discoveries at the Santos Basin.

These supplies evidence WEG’s experience and capability to serve the Oil and Gas industry with specific products for each application in the segment. Very demanding, the offshore market receives undivided attention: WEG counts on specific certifications and has provided during the past years important supplies for the sector. Besides motors and generators, products such as paint, transformers and panels are part of the equipment of petroleum extraction platforms and of platform support vessels.