The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) ranking of the Top 100 Global Challengers of emerging countries, that is, those which are rapidly becoming globalized and challenging already well-established world leaders, was announced this week at the World Social Forum and Brazil is in third place out of 14 countries. The Brazilian newcomer this year was Camargo Corrêa, a conglomerate present in different segments from construction to engineering and footwear to textiles (the ranking published in 2007 comprised 13 Brazilian companies).

According to the consulting group, these companies are rapidly becoming global and challenging world leaders. In a statement to the national press, the BCG explained that the 100 companies have actively expanded their businesses in foreign markets and increased access to international natural resources. "We analyzed the innovative business models and the recent success of these companies, as well as the challenges they face and the obstacles they have overcome. All this to understand how challenges in general are increasing and changing", the group stated.

Brazil is only just behind China with 36 companies listed and India with 20. Coteminas, Embraer, Gerdau, JBS-Friboi, Marcopolo, Natura, Grupo Odebrecht, PerdigĂŁo, Petrobras, Sadia, Vale, Grupo Votorantim and WEG are also part of the group of Brazilian companies listed by the BCG.