Klabin, the largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging in Brazil, started a new investment cycle with the Puma II Project, which will place around 910 thousand tons of paper on the market per year and, for this great expansion selected suppliers with expertise in the pulp and paper segment, with reliable and highly efficient solutions.

WEG, a long-time partner of Klabin, was selected to supply a significant part of the electrical package for the two phases of the project, including an e-House, medium voltage cubicle, MCC, medium and low voltage frequency inverters, shielded busbars, low and medium voltage electric motors, medium voltage transformers and special transformers to be applied in turbogenerator 3 (TG3). Approximately 3,500 items were produced following the technical requirements demanded by Klabin, guaranteeing high performance, energy efficiency and productivity.

The electric motors supplied for this project were the W60 and MGF line, in addition to the W50 and W22 Well (WEG Extra-long life) motors. When choosing the motors of these lines, the customer will guarantee a longer useful life for the equipment and a lower cost with replacement and maintenance of the machines.

To replace the existing electrical facilities, WEG e-Houses were adopted, installed in the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), which, in addition to the advantage of optimizing installation time, this equipment allows it to be completely tested and pre-commissioned at WEG laboratories and ready to be used at the costumer’s plant. In addition, 39 dry type transformers were also installed in the e-Houses distributed throughout the industrial park, responsible for feeding the process islands. In addition, Klabin acquired a power step-up transformer to increase power generation from the power grid.

Low and medium voltage frequency inverters (CFW11 / CFW11M / MVW3000) and medium voltage switchgear and control sets (CCM03i / MTW03) were also supplied by WEG in this solution package, ensuring the versatility and flexibility of the application, in addition to the shielded busbar (BWW01) for energizing the MCCs of the low voltage motors.

Over these five years, since the supply of the electrical package for the Puma Unit, WEG solutions, combined with 24-hour technical support, have provided operational safety, continuous productivity and efficiency for Klabin's plant in Ortigueira/PR, Brazil.

About the project

The Puma II Project is a continuation of the Puma Unit, installed in Ortigueira/PR, Brazil. The first paper machine (MP27) started operation at the end of August 2021 and has a production capacity of 450 thousand tons per year of Eukaliner®, the first kraftliner paper in the world made 100% with eucalyptus fibers. The MP28, which is already under construction and is expected to start production in 2023, with focus in the production of paperboard packages. With a production capacity of 460 thousand tons per year, the new equipment consolidates Klabin as a global producer of paperboards for liquid foods and industrialized products, paperboard for multipack packaging, for the growing food and beverage segment, giving sequence to the continuous innovation plans, growth and sustainable expansion of the company.