Considered the largest project taken up by the Indian government after the formation of Telangana State. The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) has provision for the storage of about 148 tmc ft with plans of utilizing 180 tmc ft by lifting at least 2 tmc ft water every day for 90 flood days. 

The project holds the key to the TRS government’s promise of providing irrigation facility to one crore acres of land under all projects/tanks and is designed to irrigate 7,38,851 hectares (over 18.47 lakh acres) uplands in the erstwhile districts of Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Warangal, Medak, Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy

Product Scope:

These are the first batch of W41* machines supplied by WEG to Indian Market and manufactured at owned facilities in India. This define a milestone to WEG India. Customer experiences a global quality product and fulfills “Make in India” initiative promoted by the Indian government. The batch complies 9 X 40MW (SDW2800 - W41) WEG Synchronous Motors supplied to the pump manufacturer Xylem India PVT. LTD and this prestigious project is executed by “Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd”

WEG’s technical strength, past experience, references in high capacity machines and state of art manufacturing facility in India with global quality practice convinced the customer to release the order on WEG.

Project Highlights:

According to engineers, KLIP has many unique features, including the longest tunnel to carry water in Asia, running up to 81 km, between the Yellampally barrage and the Mallannasagar reservoir. “The tunnel work is nearing completion and the lining work is also in progress,” another engineer involved in the project said, adding that the project would also utilize the highest capacity pumps, up to 139 MW, in the country to lift water.

The machine components are currently under production and supply. Schedule for Commissioning and running of these machines is yet to be defined.

 *W41: Is a special WEG’s motor line and calls for assembly and testing of these motors at respective project location / site. Presently, WEG is also considered as a potential supplier for design & supply of such gigantic pumping machines catering to Indian Irrigation segment.