WEG has substantially expanded beyond the boundaries of its Headquarters to take root in other international markets. Following its strategy of growing the business worldwide, the company has been investing heavily, in diversifying its product portfolio and structuring its manufacturing facilities around the world, with the application of the latest technology innovations and premium quality standards.

As proof of this successful progress, the manufacturing operation in India was recently awarded with a significant order of 3 x 6650kW, 20 pole, 13,200V vertical application electric motors and 3 x 17,600KW, 4 pole, 13,200V horizontal application electric motors thanks to the selling expertise of the sales team from WEG operation in China.

Considered as the largest vertical application motors already manufactured at the factory in India and one of the largest ever produced by WEG, these 3 x 6650KW, 20 pole, large machines weigh 61 tons each. They will be driving circulating water pumps and will be a part of a Power Generation Plant project in the Philippines. The other 3 x 17,600KW machines will be driving feed water pumps on the same project.