WEG strengthened its partnership with Stellantis Group, which is a leading global automobile manufacturer and mobility player, with the launch of new electric utility vehicles: e-EXPERT by Peugeot and Ë-JUMPY by Citroën. 

Already approved by Stellantis Group as the official supplier of charging stations for the electric vehicles e-208 GT by Peugeot, and for the 500e by Fiat, in South America, WEG now expands its scope by offering solutions for charging purposes for the Group's utility vehicles. 

The new agreement expands the partnership to offer a complete infrastructure for charging electric utility vehicles. From now on, Stellantis customers can count on the new generation of charging stations, the WEMOB (WEG Electric Mobility) PARKING and the WEG STATION, for fast and ultra-fast charging from 30kW up to 150kW at DC configuration, included in Peugeot’s and Citroën’s product catalog, as well as a joint consulting service, technical support, installation and maintenance of charging stations for fleet owners. 

Designed for semi-fast recharges in parking lots, companies and fleet owners, WEMOB PARKING, up to 22 kW, offers high safety level, reliability and connectivity with real-time and remote information for electric vehicle fleets management. This solution allows charging one or two electric vehicles simultaneously and can include an LCD screen for ease application. 

The key point is the possibility of offering DC charging stations in the CCS-2 standard of 30kW, compact size, either wall or totem installation, which ensures the best cost-benefit ratio in the market to accelerate return on investment. Available in 60kW, 90kW, 120kW and 150kW output ratings, the WEMOB STATION is the ideal choice for fast and ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles. All recharge information is provided on a 10” LCD screen, also allowing real-time data collection for remote management.

“We are increasingly expanding the infrastructure required for the implementation of electric vehicle technology in Brazil. Our scope with Stellantis ranges from customer service that uses a light vehicle, to the fleet owner engaged in reducing greenhouse gases in their transport logistics”, says Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation Business Unit. 

WEG counts on a complete fleet management ecosystem, including a WEMOB Fleet Station management platform with the WEMOB EV Drivers application for users with cost and income analysis, station availability, frequency of use, in addition to a demand control system - WEMOB Smart Charging System – for cases where the power consumed by the station exceeds the contracted demand at the installation site. 

WEG's charging stations are Over-The-Air updated (connection via customer's internet network), with a wide service support in South America. 

In addition, WEG approves and trains specialized integrators to install stations, management platform’s configuration among other services, providing complete solutions for the maintenance and operation of electric vehicle fleets.


About WEG Recharging Stations and batteries charging time for e-EXPERT by Peugeot and Ë-JUMPY by Citroën

  • WEMOB Wall model at 110V or 220V (single-phase and bi-phase) up to 7.4kW, providing an 80% recharge for e-Expert and ë-Jumpy batteries within approximately 9 hours.
  • WEMOB Parking model at 220V or 380V (three-phase) up to 22kW, providing an 80% recharge for e-Expert and ë-Jumpy batteries within approximately 6 hours.
  • WEMOB Station model at 380V (three-phase) from 30kW to 150kW, providing an 80% recharge of the batteries within approximately 45 minutes.