Motors for use in desalination plants are required to operate in severe climates 24/7, they are highly durable, with a special painting plan against seawater corrosion and high efficiency to minimize energy consumption.

As part of WEG's approach to supply solutions in various market segments, this time in the Mining Water Segment, the company has supplied its motors to an important Complementary Infrastructure project in the north of Chile.

To guarantee that the water reaches the different supply points, WEG has delivered W22 motors with IE3 efficiency that are used in the water feeding and recirculation processes of the desalination plant. Vertical application motors were also supplied for the plant's capture system.

The motors are built for the most severe operating conditions, such as operation in marine and saline environments, their mechanical design not only optimizes characteristics such as weight and length, but also adds durability and easy maintenance to the product in remote regions.

The IE3 efficiency level guarantees reduced energy consumption and increased productivity, offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

All the motors were manufactured with a special epoxy painting plan for performance in severe marine environments with a high salt index.

For WEG, such a project represents an important reference in the Mining-Water segment with quality and efficiency solutions, providing the customer with reliability and great energy savings.