Present in Portugal since 2002, in Maia and Santo Tirso, WEG is today a reference in the National Industry in the manufacture of Electric Motors, design and implementation of Solutions for Automation, Energy and Services and tries to keep a good relationship with local communities and to support causes that have impact and expressiveness for WEG’s employees.

Social Responsibility is something that WEG understands, respects and seeks since its foundation. It is something present in the company’s DNA, coming directly from the founder’s personal beliefs.

From time to time, WEG develops various initiatives aiming to give social improvement, promoting also partnerships and support to institutions that are in the WPT’s factories neighborhood.

With this underlying principle, WEG has given educational kits for the independent construction of small fans for the Institution Centro Social e Paroquial da Maia – Lar de Nazaré (Maia’s Social and Parish Centre – Lar de Nazaré), located in Maia, that receives users in the Day Centre and Social Centre. This action was also extended to APPACDM – Associação Portuguesa de Pais e Amigos do Cidadão Mental (Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled Institution of the Mentally Disabled Citizens Integration), in Santo Tirso. Both institutions have the main goal to promote the integration of mentally disabled citizens.

In an individual effort for the common good, WEG has promoted a campaign named “Quilómetros Solidários” (Supportive Kilometers), where the Company has asked its Employees to participate by walking or running (6 or 12 kms) or by cycling (15 or 30 kms), and the value registered was completely offered to two Institutions: APPACDM Maia and CAID Santo Tirso.

For WEG, solidarity is made with simple gestors. It was with this principle that WPT has made a donation of scholar material for Viver 100 Fronteiras, a Portuguese Nongovernmental Organization, with missions in Guiné Bissau and now also in Cabo Verde, that has the purpose to help with the cultural and social intervention, promoting development actions in countries where Portuguese official language.

WEG has also brought some happiness up, by donating money to two Institutions: A Causa da Criança – Associação de Proteção à Infância e Juventude ( Association of Child and Youth Protection), in Maia and to CASL – Casa de Acolhimento Sol Nascente (Sol Nascente Foster Home), in Santo Tirso, that has the purpose to help adults with physical and mental disabilities.

In 2021, WEG Portugal has also supported the Pirilampo Mágico campaign. The company’s Employees ended the year by helping 21 children and teenagers of A Causa da Criança institution, by offering Christmas gifts.