With the slogan “highway to the future”, the longest expressway of southeastern Asia was open to traffic in the second semester of 2008. The KPE (Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway) is a dual-carriageway expressway with three lanes in each direction crossing Singapore from north to south.

To meet the growing residential, commercial and industrial needs of the region, it is expected to reduce by up to 25% the distance from one end of the city to the other. The KPE stretches over 12km and its 9km underground tunnel is the longest in southeast Asia.

One of the most important safety issues in a tunnel is the ventilation because the emission of gases by cars is a health hazard. For this, tunnels require ventilation systems that provide a flow of variable air compatible with traffic conditions and that can stay in operation during emergency situations. To help provide ventilation inside the tunnel, 49 WEG TEAO motors from 55kW to 75kW, 1500rpm, 469V; horizontal mount drive the Flakt Woods – Jet Fans. The tunnel has 6 ventilation towers and each is fitted with 9 WEG TEAO motors – from 345kW up to 520kW; 1000rpm; 6600V, vertical mount that drive the 54 Flakt Woods – TVF (Tunnel Ventilation Fans) which are the “lungs” of the tunnel.

The project is part of the government’s commitment to offer adequate infrastructure to sustain the growth of Singapore. A river was diverted from its original alignment to build the tunnel but once work was completed everything was restored. Construction work took seven years.

Know more details of the project at: http://www.kpeunderground.sg/