The KGV-H bread roll line, hygienic version (Source: Koenig)

With an output of up to 45,000 rolls per hour, the KGV-H industrial bread roll line from the Austrian manufacturer Koenig sets new performance standards. It is fully designed according to hygiene stand-ards, which impose special requirements on the drive technology. Low-voltage motors from WEG and geared motors from WEG’s subsidiary Watt Drive keep the dough moving. At the end of the process chain, the tasty baked goods – fresh rolls, baguettes, ciabatta, hamburger buns or other fine baked goods – drop onto the baking sheet.

Koenig has been making machines for commercial and industrial bakeries for 50 years, with the main focus on the core competence of dough processing: dividing, forming and baking. The current product portfolio encompasses the entire production chain of bakery technology. In 2015, the world market leader in machines and systems for producing small baked goods was honoured with the international IBA Award for its new hygienic KGV-H bread roll line.

All geared motors used in the machine are additionally equipped with thermal protection (TH/TF) and class F2 humidity protection. To avoid corrosion despite the high humidity level, the terminal box and fan covers of all motors are secured by screws with especially high corrosion resistance. The gamma ring seals on the fan end of the geared motors are also made from this special material.

The paint for the motors (painting plan 212E) corresponds to paint structure LC5 of the geared motors, making it compliant with corrosion class C5-I/C5-M of EN ISO 12944-5 (NDFT 320 µm). This elaborate painting scheme, based on multiple prime coats, is actually intended for shipbuilding and offshore applications and therefore able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The bearing shield and the shaft at NDE, as well as the inside of the fan cover, are finished with this special paint.

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