WEG Portugal supplied 271 IE3 and IE4 motors to the Maia’s unit of CEREALIS – Produtos Alimentares, Lda, in order to replace the existing equipment.

The main goal of this supply was to improve the energy efficiency of the company dedicated to the production and commercialization of cereal products, by reducing the current energy consumption of the motors, that work in average 24 hours per day and 340 days per year.

The WEG motors, designed and produced both in Brazil headquarters, as well as in Santo Tirso’s factory, in Portugal, were supplied in order to be coupled to fans, extruders and in grain mills of this Food and Beverage company. The full supply is covered by 271 motors, ranging between 1.1 kW and 75kW, 2 and 8 poles, various mountings and different shaft heights. 240 Motors of this supply are destined for safe areas and 31 motors for hazardous areas.

One of the main challenges was replacing every old low efficiency motor, complying with the same existing assembling dimensions and maintaining the same frame size, but at the same time updating them to IE3 and IE4 efficiency level. The supplied motors have a 212P painting plan fit to work in corrosive environments, space heaters, 200 hours of complete tropicalization and bearings fit to work in high temperatures.

An extensive and careful work of compliance and monitoring of the technical specifications and documentation is also associated to this project, revealing an approach focused on the Client and in the expertise in the supply of customized solutions.

This supply reinforces the know-how and reliability of WEG products in the development of more efficient technical solutions and with high performance, capable to meet the customer’s needs in the Food and Beverage industry.