Italuís System. Photo Karlos Geromy

As part of the overall plan to improve the operation and service provision for the supply of raw water of Italuís System, in February, Maranhão´s Environmental Sanitation Company (Caema) installed 4 x 900 HP MV induction motors, manufactured by WEG.

In operation for several years, these existing motors were replaced by WEG machines, which will operate at a water pumping station. To allow the WEG service team to perform the replacement, installation, adaptation, and start-up of the motors, Caema´s operational team had to perform preliminary adjustments on the system, preventing water supply from being affected.

The supplied motors offer high reliability to ensure safe operation of the driven pumps, minimizing the risk of failures and, consequently, the risk of lack of water for the population, in addition to reducing maintenance costs. 

This supply enhances WEG's flexibility in key projects, allowing our engineer staff design new motors interchangeable with existing machines. For the customer, the benefit offered by the new electric motor arrangement is the improved flexibility of the operating system.