The new W12 electric motor from WEG was designed to meet, with competitiveness and higher performance, industrial applications such as gearboxes and pumps. Due to the interchangeable feet, it is an extremely versatile equipment, as it meets the IEC 56, 63 and 71 housings, in addition to allowing the option of using the connection box on the side or at the top, all in the same product. The variations are made by the quick fit system of the feet in the frames (snap fit), dimensioned not to use fixing screws and in the flange options C-90, C-105 and FF115 in polymer and C-80 in aluminum, incorporated in the motor frame.

With flanges, feet, boxes and terminal box covers made of high-strength polymer and aluminum housing without machining, the motor has the lowest weight for robust applications, which gives it even more possibilities. Developed with industry 4.0 technologies, the W12 motor has production process optimization and in its design prototypes of the product were produced on 3D printers, which enabled simulation and agility in the improvement of the project.

The new motor has a degree of protection IP55, being waterproof and dustproof, which allows its use in the most diverse environments. In addition, the W12 has versions in 2, 4 and 6 poles, from 0,09 up to 0,55 kW, three-phase or single-phase power and IE3 performance index.

A reference in the manufacture of high efficiency motors, innovative solutions and in the technological development of the industry, this launch is yet another versatile and efficient solution with the guarantee and reliability of WEG. W12. The motor designed for your business.

Watch the video and learn more about the W12: