A wide range of solutions in speed variation for medium voltage motors of 2,300 V, 3,300 V and 4,160 V besides the line of low voltage inverters up to 1,500 HP. In this way, the user feels comfortable to choose the most convenient solution considering the purchase, implementation and installation values, energy demand and space.

The MVW01 presents state-of-the-art technology for medium voltage inverters through a structure with IGBTs of 6,5 kV combining resistance and safety with the minimum quantity of power components which assures great reliability and easy operation to the equipment in a compact solution with last generation technology. The multilevel NPC topology (neutral point clamped, 3/5 levels) allows a great balance between the output wave form to the motor and the number of power components without the need to connect them in series.

Due to the unique characteristics of the IGBTs already acclaimed in the low voltage inverters such as very low losses and simplicity on the peripherals, the frequency inverter presents high efficiency (97% and reaching 99% at rated conditions) and very low heat dissipation. The input rectifier configuration for 12 or 18 pulses reduces the harmonics currents to extremely low levels, provides high power factor on the power supply and fully attends the recommendations of IEEE519.

At control stage, the MVW-01 has a multiprocessing design using 32 bit processors (64 bit busbars) with mathematics in floating point and high performance assuring high efficiency on the motor control.

In trying to demystify the application of medium voltage inverters, the MVW01 follows the same programming philosophy of the WEG line of low voltage inverters. By using the same standard of MMI of the line of low voltage inverters, the MVW01 makes its parameterization extremely simple with no need for special training or softwares sold aside. It is also possible to parameterize the MVW-01 through the Superdrive, a WEG drives parameterization software which attends the whole line of WEG drives.

To assemble and replace power elements quickly, the IGBT modules are separated into three inverter arms assembled on removable individual racks, one for each phase of the motor. The control and power components are interchangeable among the several sizes of inverters in such a way as to standardize and reduce the number of spare parts as well as to reduce the purchasing and storage costs of these components. The changing of these racks doesn’t take more than three minutes due to their great mechanical practicality. The racks are available both with air and water cooling systems which increases even more the versatility of this product.