Internacional Marítima is a Brazilian company leader in marine and port support services, with over 35 years in the market and for over five years using WEG paints in its fleet.

The vessel BLG 2, originally destined to launch jack-ups of up to 8000 tons and reclassified to support work in ocean navigation, will be receiving a new paint job for restoration and protection in a 9,000 m² area of side, bottom and deck.

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WEG is supplying more than 11,000 liters of paint for painting the ship. These are high performance paints, which offer resistance and durability.

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Among the products supplied to Internacional Marítima, we have Shop primer from WEGZINC 401 line, the epoxy finishing primer WEGPOXI WET SURFACE 89 PW, paints from WEG TIE COAT line, and the anti-fouling paint W-ECOLOFLEX SPC 200. Ideal solutions for marine applications.

"WEG already has a long partnership with Internacional Marítima and the group's shipyards were one of the determining factors for choosing WEG paints for this major project." Richard Ferraz - Unit Manager INC (Catarinense Naval Industry) of Navegantes, Santa Catarina - Brazil.

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