WEG will supply the largest backpressure steam turbine and the largest 4-pole generator in the Brazilian sugar-energy industry for Cerradão power plant. This is considered the world´s largest backpressure turbine in the sugar-energy sector. 

Including a 60 MW backpressure BT steam turbine, a SuperTurbo gearbox, a 66.7 MVA, 4-pole, 13,800 V, 1800 rpm, 60 Hz ST generator and a complete protection, control and monitoring system with cabinets, panels, battery system and chargers, the contract will generate revenues of approximately R$ 15 million (approx. US$ 3 million) for WEG. 

The BT turbine has the capacity to generate over 330 t/h of steam at 65 bar/520 degrees C, and will supply the plant process with two steam outlets, one medium pressure outlet and one low pressure exhaust. Scheduled to be delivered in December 2021, the equipment will be installed in the plant's energy generation process, allowing the operation to be more robust, flexible and profitable. 

As stated by Paulo Sinoti, WEG Energy Business Director, in addition to consolidating WEG as one of the main suppliers of equipment for the sugar-energy industry sector, this supply evidences the customer's preference and trust in our products and services. “Cerradão power plant is already our customers list and has two turbogenerators in operation in the same plant”, says Paulo. 

Cerradão power plant is located in the Frutal region, in the state of Minas Gerais since 2008. A power plant of 84 MW/h and installed capacity of 105 MW provides enough energy for approximately 230,000 people. With this investment, the Power Plant expects a significant increase in energy generation and a return on invested capital of approximately three years.