Intending to support customers with more dynamic processes and optimize testing procedures, WEG has implemented, since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in March, virtual transformers inspections for several projects. The service package includes two ways of performing the inspection, one with video conference with the participation of a previously defined group and the other way is by sending photos and short videos followed by test reports for customer approval.

This new methodology allows significant time and financial savings with in travel arrangements as well as reduction of the risk of work incidents, which directly affects the cost of supply. In addition, the customer has the convenience of receiving information and inspection results at any time without having to travel or even wait to prepare the machines for tests.

Specifically during this pandemic period, remote inspections also ensure full protection for the internal factory teams and inspectors, since there is no need for physical contact and travel. The inspection process, which used to be face-to-face, was easily adapted for the new configuration with cell phones, internet access and video conference tools.

Continually concerned to offer premium services and solutions, WEG has taken advantage of technological innovations to implement suitable processes and procedures to meet customers’ needs and expectations.